PR in the real world

Written by Chris Pouncil

When people think about public relations, they may think about agents pulling their hair out over celebrities, having to step on a podium in front of dozens of reporters to talk about how their company didn’t mess up, or even creating a fake personality for someone because their fans don’t like that person’s true self. Sure, you might have to do some of these things, but only if you want to follow this specific career path. Many people don’t realize that PR is in everything, and that we often use it without knowing it.

You’ve been doing PR your whole life

Do you remember your first crush? Remember the changes you made to make yourself known (or unknown) to them? Think about how your clothing, hairstyle, attitude, hobbies, and even personality might have changed for this person. That was one of your biggest PR moments. The campaign was attracting your crush, your primary public was your crush, and your constantly changing traits were your tactics. You were building your brand, and it is just one of the many ways you have used PR personally in your life.

Every business uses PR

Every single business, organization, and company uses PR in some way. Small businesses have to make connections to get the word out about their business, and making connections is one of the primary things you need to do when in PR. Organizations, such as nonprofits, have to constantly communicate to find people who will donate money to their organizations. They have to make themselves look good and show that the donations will be beneficial. Big companies consistently want to expand as far as they can, and they need an enticing brand and strong social media presence to make themselves known to people who may be outside of their country. Every business, organization, and company has used PR to put themselves in the position they are in today, whether it be good or bad.

Everything you have applied for has required some sort of PR

Think about the process you went through when you applied for college. Most likely, you had to write an essay about yourself or why you want to go to your specific college. Think about any job interviews you have had in the past. In most interviews, there is an intensely awkward moment where you just sit there and talk about yourself. This is putting yourself out there and building your brand. This is PR! This is what PR is all about: making yourself or your organization look appealing and keeping it that way.

PR is used every day without you even noticing. You do it, your friends do it, your family does it, and everyone around you does it simply by habit. As a senior in the Public Relations program, this is what I’ve learned about PR and how it is used more than anything else. PR is what has made the world what it is today, and it is still evolving.


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