PR in the real world

Written by Chris Pouncil When people think about public relations, they may think about agents pulling their hair out over celebrities, having to step on a podium in front of dozens of reporters to talk about how their company didn’t mess up, or even creating a fake personality for someone because their fans don’t like …

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Research is power

Written by Gracie Ratterree Every person has that moment in their life when they have to make a pivotal career decision. Without adequate information, anxiety builds up, and fear may ensue. All of the what-if questions start racing through your mind. Questions like, “what if I don’t have enough experience?” or “what if I’m choosing … Continue reading Research is power

The key to unlocking success in PR

Written by Gracie Ratterree What’s something that almost everyone experiences, but no one ever feels like they can ever prepare early enough for? Competition. The public relations industry is an ever-growing, changing, and competitive industry. Mastering the ability to build social skills, comprehend industry used vocabulary, learn concise communication practices, and find your voice, will … Continue reading The key to unlocking success in PR