IPR Alumni

Innovative PR alumni have moved on to some great careers. Below are a few to note and their experiences with Innovative PR that helped them succeed. Unfortunately, do the nature of business, information below may be outdated. 


Eden Rensing: Manager/Graduate Assistant Spring 2010-Spring 2011

Eden_headshotEden is the communications coordinator for Travois Inc. in Kansas City, Mo. She loves her job and is responsible for generating publicity for the Travois family of companies, maintaining all social media channels and planning its yearly national conference.
Eden led the team that established the Innovative PR brand and image and launched it as a student-led PR firm in spring 2009.

“I am convinced my experiences with Innovative PR gave me an advantage over other candidates when interviewing for jobs. The variety of projects I worked on helped me match my experience with job descriptions perfectly. Past helping me land the job, I use skills learned in my daily tasks.”


Griffin Gatewood: PR Specialist Spring 2012

griffinGriffin is currently a freight broker at a logistics company called FreightQuote.com. He is in charge of managing the company’s accounts, building relationships and expanding business with new accounts. He contacts existing suppliers to further develop partner relationships. He also helps research and develop new viable business segments.

“Innovative PR helped me understand the importance of a client’s wants and needs, as well as how to properly execute the client’s words into actions. I learned how to manage accounts in such a way that has really given me the opportunity to flourish in my career after college.”

Brenna Seger: PR Specialist Spring 2012

BrennaBrenna Seger is currently the communications professional for Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity National Headquarters in Warrensburg, Mo. Her job duties include writing and editing publications, managing social media platforms, developing marketing content and creating blog posts.

“Working with the Innovative PR team gave me a real world insight that could not have been taught in the classroom. It was an amazing experience to work with other PR students, campus professionals and real campaigns for the university.” 

Beth Little: PR Specialist Spring 2012

BethLittleBeth is currently a graduate assistant at Kansas State University serving as an assistant coordinator for apartment living. She helps in overseeing an apartment complex of approximately 1,600 residents while enforcing policy and encouraging student development.

“My every day interactions with students, whether it be face to face or via email, require a certain level of professionalism which Innovative PR helped in teaching me. I can safely say I would not be where I am performing successfully without Innovative PR.

Robert Fischer: PR Specialist Spring 2012

RobertFischer_headshotsRobert is a music publicist for two local bands in the Greater Los Angeles area.  His current projects include building awareness of his clients, creating a publicity strategy surrounding album and music video releases, and building relationships with music journalists.  He hopes to expand his clientele to the fashion and entertainment industries.

Innovative PR taught me how to multi-task and prioritize the endless list of tasks for a client.  That experience came from creating campaigns starting from brainstorming and ending by evaluating the results.  It is one that my clients will benefit from and is essential to our profession.”

Nicole Cooke: Account Coordinator Spring 2013, PR Specialist Spring 2012

Nicole CookeNicole Cooke is currently the education reporter and a copy editor for the Sedalia Democrat in Sedalia, Mo. She covers all things education in Sedalia, including school board meetings and district events, as well as other stories such as event advances and occasionally compiles the police report. As a copy editor, she lays out the Monday edition and helps edit stories and pages throughout the week.

“Innovative PR gave me the chance to work in a fast-paced agency environment while still being on campus. The variety of clients and projects I worked with helped me learn the skills needed to be in any aspect of the communications field.”


Jessica Tandy: PR Specialist Fall 2012

gradcakepicJessica is the Regional Marketing Associate for Pacific Dental Services, a national dental company headquartered in Irvine, California. Her duties include managing on-the-ground marketing efforts (predominantly through hosting community events and B2B efforts) for what will soon be more than 10 dental clinics in the Midwest. She is also a freelance writer for Children’s Mercy Hospital.

“My time at Innovative PR brought the art of public relations to life. Education blossomed into action and I learned the importance of greeting work each day with momentum and drive. We should always be pushing forward and further. Being part of the team to coordinate and execute the university’s first-ever social media campaign was an honor and a brilliant learning experience. I wouldn’t trade my time at IPR for the world!”

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