For six consecutive years, Innovative PR has been the driving force behind UCM’s popular #teamUCM Social Media Night event. Launched in 2013, the event takes place during a UCM Mules and Jennies basketball game and has engaged, entertained, and rewarded participants with a night of prizes, trivia, and contests. The event showcases Innovative PR’s student work and is a way for IPR to contribute to UCM’s community relations efforts. As a result of hard work, #teamUCM has become a signature event, one that is heavily anticipated each year amongst students, staff, and the Warrensburg, Missouri community.

Innovative PR and the work students performed in making these events possible, has received acclaim from professional organizations in Kansas City. For our efforts, we have been awarded three separate awards for #teamUCM Social Media Night. One for the first event in 2013 and two for our 2017 event. We anticipate more success on the professional level as we enter our 2018 event and beyond.

Below are some highlights from #teamUCM over the years and we will continue to update this page as future #teamUCM Social Media Night’s occur. Due to record keeping issues, several #teamUCM documents have not been located. In 2017, a more sophisticated method was implemented to ensure IPR captures this significant event in detail.


#teamUCM Social Media Night logo created by IPR Account Coordinator Adriana Vivas and IPR Account Specialist Sydnie Kerr in the Spring 2018 semester.



#teamUCM Social Media Night logo created by IPR Account Specialist Cole Braun in the Spring of 2017.



2018 #teamUCM Social Media Night

  • Innovative PR students in the Spring 2018 semester labored for four straight weeks to make the sixth annual #teamUCM Social Media Night a reality. The event took place February 7, 2018 at the Multipurpose building during a Mules and Jennies basketball game. Students followed the strategy of previous efforts, recruiting prizes, enlisting sponsors, creating promotional videos, and creating a detailed social media plan for the event. However, the 2018 #teamUCM Social Media Night featured an innovative idea that separates this effort from the previous five! Read more below:

#teamUCM Social Media Guide


#teamUCM Lounge


  • A new, fun, and engaging way to energize participants and to further add credibility to the event, the #teamUCM Lounge was created to add a new twist to this year’s event. Accompanying the lounge were two social media monitoring televisions serving as a SM Wall for the event. These were placed near the new #teamUCM Social Media Night logo for wonderful photo opportunities.



Members from the 2018 Spring semester working at #teamUCM Social Media Night



Photos from the 2018 #teamUCM Social Media Night

DViYGgAUMAALSIc.jpg IMG_20180207_201546_989.jpgDViYAU0UQAEj7oE.jpg





  • Currently, analytics are being ran and we are evaluating the success of this event in numerous ways. Make sure to look back for updates in upcoming weeks!


2017 #teamUCM Social Media Night

  • Innovative PR students in the Spring of 2017 worked diligently for four straight weeks to make #teamUCM Social Media Night a fun and engaging reality for participants. Students recruited prize donations, enlisted sponsors, created promotional items, worked with several UCM organizations, and created an exciting social media plan all under extreme deadlines. The 2017 #teamUCM Social Media Night statistically was the most successful in the five year history, thanks to dedicated specialists who gained skills in event planning, critical thinking, and promotions. Check out the full write up below!

2017 PRISM Submission – teamUCM


Innovative PR Spring 2017 students, and several PRSSA members, enjoying seeing their hard work pay off at the 2017 #teamUCM Social Media Event

  • A comprehensive social media plan was created by IPR specialists for the night of #teamUCM. Students organized a plan for prizes, contests, and trivia, detailing how each prize would be awarded and on which social media account. Students coordinated with UCM Athletics for trivia questions that were used during the event.

Social Media Plan – teamUCM 2017


Innovative PR students working through the social media plan at #teamUCM


  • Several visuals were created during the semester to supplement social media promotions. Visuals included, posters, handouts, and banners. Several visual elements were created for social media. During this particular event, UCM Athletics launched their Snapchat account and asked IPR to help promote this occurrence. One of the Snapchat filters created specifically for this event is pictured below.

A Snapchat filter created by IPR for the 2017 #teamUCM Social Media Night


  • During the 2017 #teamUCM Social Media Night, Innovative PR students organized two separate on-court eating contests. The Wareensburg Dairy Queen and Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants sponsored both a Dilly Bar eating contest and Blazin Wings Eating contest for spectators participating with #teamUCM on social media. Below are pictures of both contests.

Three participants in the Buffalo Wild Wings sponsored “Blazin Wings eating contest” at #teamUCM


Several UCM Soccer players after participating in the Dairy Queen “Dilly Bar eating contest” at #teamUCM


Innovative PR created graphic for #teamUCM

TeamUCM DBChallenge.png

Innovative PR created graphic for #teamUCM



  • Innovative PR studnets also organized a pre-game tailgate at the UCM Multipurpose building that provided the first 200 students with free dinner. The tailgate was coordinated with UCM Sodexo and Dining Services.

The pre-game tailgate for #teamUCM enticed participation in the event.



2016 #teamUCM Social Media Night

  • The fourth annual #teamUCM Social Media Night took place February 17, 2016 at the UCM Multipurpose building during a Mules and Jennies basketball game. Below are several documents and photos from the successful event.
Team UCM GRAPHIC 2.png

Innovative PR students designed the above graphic to promote #teamUCM


  • Several analytical reports were created after the conclusion of #teamUCM in an attempt to understand engagement and how participants were joining the #teamUCM conversation. Below is the Twitter analytics for the 2016 event.

#teamUCM 2016 Twitter Analytics



Innovative PR students working during the 2016 #teamUCM Social Media Night event.



Some prizes from #teamUCM




2015 #teamUCM Social Media Night

  • The third annual #teamUCM Social Media Night occurred February 7th, 2015 at the UCM Multipurpose building during a Mules and Jennies basketball game. Below are pictures from the successful event.


  • The link below showcases the IPR created social media plan for the event. IPR specialists dictated which prizes were given out on which channel and specified at what point during the game the prize would be awarded. The plan writing became in integral part of making #teamUCM happen.

teamUCM Master List_Feb_3_v2



Several student created promotional items that were used to entice participation with #teamUCM



Innovative PR students posing with recruited prizes for #teamUCM



2014 #teamUCM Social Media Night

  • The second annual #teamUCM Social Media Night occurred on February 7, 2014 at the UCM Multipurpose building during a Mules and Jennies game. This event marked the second consecutive year that #teamUCM occurred during the “Blackout game” and IPR specialists worked together with University Relations, UCM Athletics, and Spotlight to coordinate the event. Below are pictures and documents from the successful event.



Innovative PR students working during #teamUCM


  • Innovative PR students worked on a press release that encouraged students, staff, and community members to attend the #teamUCM Social Media Night. The release was printed/published in the UCM Muleskinner and Warrensburg Daily Star Journal. The release is shown below.


#teamUCM at the Blackout Game returns to UCM Feb. 7

Second-annual social media event is re-energized with new sponsors and prizes

WARRENSBURG, MO. (Feb. 2, 2014)—For the second consecutive year, the University of Central Missouri’s student-led public relations firm, Innovative Public Relations, partners with UCM Athletics to host #teamUCM at the Blackout Game, beginning with the Jennies at 1:30 p.m., Saturday, Feb. 7 in the Multipurpose Building. While the Jennies and Mules take on Missouri Southern State University, students, faculty, staff, alumni and members of the Warrensburg community are invited to interact with UCM Athletics (Instagram and Twitter) and the UCM Alumni Association (Twitter) for opportunities to win free giveaways.


Innovative PR will give away a number of diverse prizes.

Spotlight will host a pre-game tailgate event at 12:45 p.m. at the west end of the Multipurpose Building. Students can come and enjoy free food; the first 500 attendees receive free Blackout t-shirts.

“We were pleased with the success of the first #teamUCM game, but we want to make sure the event keeps evolving,” said Jonathan Haile, manager of Innovative PR. “We sought new sponsors and new prizes, and we think incorporating Instagram into the contests is a great leap forward.”

Returning sponsors include UCM Athletics, University Relations, Spotlight, the UCM Store, UCM Aviation, Dairy Queen and Jimmy John’s. New sponsors include the UCM Alumni Association, Sodexo, Old Drum Coffeehouse and Bakery, and winnable gift cards to Cupini’s restaurant in Kansas City.

“UCM Athletics, as well as the Jennies and Mules basketball programs, are proud to team with our student groups on events like this,” said Bob Jackson, athletic marketing and promotions director. “#teamUCM and the Blackout Game add to the great game day experience for our fans.”

“Our sponsorship with #teamUCM gives us a wonderful opportunity to build our relationship with more than 500 students,” said Traci Via, director of alumni and constituent relations. “It’s at the heart of our mission to engage our alumni with students and our university. We are developing programming around that mission, including our newest Alumni Advisor Network. We’re excited about the Blackout Game and hope great things will come after it.”

How to participate:

  1. Follow @UCMMULES on Twitter and Instagram, and @UCM_Alum on Twitter.
  2. Watch for opportunities to answer trivia, retweet, or comment on posts and more.
  3. Wait for a reply to see if you win.

In its second year, #teamUCM continues the celebration and representation of school spirit that extends beyond the basketball court. Although most students are not student athletes, they are all part of the greater UCM community and share in being part of the team. For more information, visit ucmo.edu/teamucm.



2013 #teamUCM Social Media Night

  • January 23, 2013 marked the first #teamUCM Social Media Night. After years of research, planning, and anticipation, the 2013 event set the standard for IPR students and introduced #teamUCM to the world. A truly historic event, the 2013 #teamUCM Social Media Night was an enormous success and has since become a case study for future PR students. Successor #teamUCM events have looked to emulate the success of the 2013 event. Below are several documents, pictures, and the case study on the very first #teamUCM Social Media Night.


  • The 2013 #teamUCM Social Media Night was such a tremendous success that a case study was created detailing the execution of the event. This case study can be found in a book students are required to read for Strategic Planning and Research for Public Relations, an important class in the UCM PR Program’s undergraduate catalog. Below is a link to this case study.




Innovative PR students with IPR Advisor Jeff Murphy and UCM President Chuck Ambrose at the first #teamUCM Social Media Night



Contestants participating in the Dilly Bar Eating challenge at #teamUCM Social Media Night



Dilly Bar Eating contest winners during the 2013 #teamUCM Social Media Night


Innovative PR students working at #teamUCM


UCM President Chuck Ambrose was a huge supporter of #teamUCM




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