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Boost your personal brand with your own website

by Evan Whittaker

Personal branding is an important part of your success in the public relations industry. As with any profession, you are competing with a multitude of other individuals who posses many of the same skills that you do. So what sets you apart? Often it’s your personality, experience and professionalism. Unfortunately, these facets can be difficult to convey without meeting your intended audiences in person. But there is good news. A personal website is a fantastic way to showcase personality before meeting a potential client, interviewer or hiring professional.

Where to start

While creating a website can certainly seem like a daunting task, there are numerous tools at your disposal that can simplify the process. Gone are the days of slaving over a Notepad document to modify and insert line after line of HTML code. Instead, various platforms exist to take care of the heavy lifting and have your site up and running in a matter of hours.


wordpress-logo-stacked-rgbThe tried and true website creation software, WordPress boasts more than 11 years of experience on the web. With thousands of plugins and templates available for free, WordPress offers users tons of options for customizing the appearance and functionality of their sites. In addition, WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms on the web, allowing for seamless integration of your blog into your website. For more information, visit WordPress.


28uIqxzSIf you’re looking for a great combination of function and ease-of-use, Squarespace is another great place to start. Its website editor is deceptively simple for how powerful it is. Nearly everything you do on Squarespace is visual instead of text or code, making it an ideal choice for those who prefer a point-and-click interface for creating content. While its features are more limited than those available through WordPress, the gorgeous layouts and animations and simple designs make up for its shortcomings. Anyone interested in Squarespace should check out the website.



Wix.com_LogoIf you’re wary about using either of the above platforms but still want to create your own website, Wix might be the choice for you. Wix utilizes a drag-and-drop interface for website creation, which makes it incredibly easy for users to create a custom website. However, as this article from Biju Creative points out, Wix’s simplicity is a double-edged sword of sorts, as much of the customization options and features you might find with other platforms aren’t available. Still, for those looking for a quick and painless solution for a basic website, Wix shouldn’t be overlooked. Visit Wix to learn more.

What to include in your site

Your website is a reflection of you. What you include in your site should give visitors a professional impression of who you are and what you do. While there are numerous things that you can include in your site, here are a few solid options for content you should consider making available to visitors:

  • A profile or ‘about me’ section with details about your experience and interests
  • A portfolio or showcase of your previous works
  • Your personal blog, which can serve as a sample of your writing style and interests
  • Your resume, which can be made available for download for prospective employers
  • Your contact information

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Resume Tips for PR Students

By Jeremy Noble

resumepicHaving a solid and effective resume can greatly improve your chances of landing that dream job. However, not many people know what information to include on a resume. For a person looking for a job in public relations or the communications field, relevant skills are valuable to the job searching process. Having the skills to construct an outstanding resume provides the applicant the opportunity to showcase their skills to the employer.

What to include in your resume

  1. List relevant experience you have that applies to the job you are applying for. When listing previous job experience it’s important to research the prospective company and figure out the duties and responsibilities of the position you are applying for. Then it is beneficial to list your experience that excels in that area.
  2. Decide whether your resume is functional or chronological. A functional resume focuses on your skills and experience, rather than on your chronological work history. A chronological resume lists your most recent position first then your others in reverse chronological order.
  3. Include an objective statement that shows how you can benefit a company. Make sure your objective statement highlights your skills and experience to show how much of an asset you are.
  4. Include links to your LinkedIn and other social networking profiles. Employers are going to do an extensive search of your social networking profiles before scheduling an interview. Linking your LinkedIn account will provide them with easy access to your profile.
  5. Include keywords that stand out to the employer. Using communication terms such as target audience or third-party endorsement is a way to stand out to potential employers.

What not to include in your resume

  1. An unprofessional email address. Be professional with your email account, it is recommended to use your first and last name.
  2. A lengthy gap in employment. Showing a lengthy gap in employment is a negative sign. If you have a major gap in employment, make sure you have reason.
  3. Don’t be overly creative with the resume format. Many organizations have automated resume systems, and special formatting sometimes will make a resume unreadable.
  4. Don’t use fancy fonts that become difficult to read. Don’t go crazy with the fonts. Though it may look beautiful on your end, if the recipient doesn’t have the same font on their computer, it can get ugly real fast.
  5. Don’t include your high school education. If you’re in college, it is more than safe to assume you graduated from high school.

An employer sees a countless number of resumes for a job listing. Having a resume that stands out is important to landing the first interview.

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