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Redefining beauty: Companies campaign to find real beauty in women

by Ana Guzman

As I was looking through the Victoria’s Secret catalog I saw a gorgeous two piece swimsuit and realized there is no way I’m going to look like the model wearing it. Not only did it ruin my dinner (making me feel guilty for every bite I took) but it affected my self-esteem. Why not have models that look like average curvy women instead?

Swimsuits for All


Swimsuits for All is an online swimsuit company dedicated to helping women find the best fitting swimsuit that will make them feel beautiful and confident in their own body. Its mission is to make swimsuit shopping enjoyable rather than dreadful. To show that women don’t have to look like models on Sports Illustrated to look great in a swimsuit, the company launched a campaign recreating this year’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover with plus size models. Its campaign video shows women sharing their thoughts about swimsuit models in magazines and how they should show different body types instead of the usual tall and thin models. The women in this video look happy and confident, creating the sense that it’s okay to have curves and finding the perfect swimsuit will only accentuate the beauty in those curves.

Real beauty, real curves

In the past, several companies have launched similar campaigns. The lingerie brand Aerie launched its #AerieReal campaign in which models were not photoshopped to show their true beauty. Aerie focused this campaign in young women and their goals was to create a better sense of body confidence in women. “We want every girl to feel good about who they are and what they look like,” Aerie said.

Dove’s Real Beauty campaign also had a similar goal, which was linking beauty to a sense of confidence rather than anxiety. This campaign included several videos, posters, advertisements and the use of social media to redefine beauty. Although this campaign was launched in 2004, it’s ongoing. It’s currently running the #RealBeautyIs campaign where people can type their own definition of beauty with the option to upload a picture or video.


There is beauty in every woman. Being  a young woman obsessed with the Victoria’s Secret catalog, I know it is very easy to compare yourself to those models. However, it’s great to see all the new campaigns discussing this ongoing issue of what beauty really is. No more hiding under those comfy sweats and hoodies. It’s time to get some sun. Be confident and comfortable in your own body!

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Aerie gets #Real

by Jessica Smith

I was scrolling through my Twitter feed, bored with what I saw until I encountered a tweet from Aerie, the sister company of American Eagle Outfitters. Aerie announced that there will be no more supermodels and no more retouching its girls in its advertisements. Anti-Photoshop? Suddenly, I am intrigued.



Will I no longer have to stare at Barbie-esque women who inevitably make me jealous as I feed my online shopping addiction? I made it my mission to discover if this was as real as Aerie claimed and indeed it was. “We left beauty marks, we left tattoos, what you see is really what you get with our campaign,” Jenny Altman, Aerie brand representative said on Good Morning America. “We’re hoping to break the mold and that real girls everywhere will start to embrace their own beauty.” Aerie definitely broke through the clutter of flawless supermodels with lingerie ads that feature real women with curves, wrinkles, stretch marks and a little belly fat.

These minor flaws can have a major impact on young women. Flipping through typical lingerie catalogs (ahem, Victoria’s Secret) can ultimately have damaging effects on young women’s body image. Aerie has given young women the opportunity to see people like themselves labeled as beautiful and sexy. The campaign is focused on instilling self-confidence in young women. After all, isn’t that how it should be?

Shop for the #real you

Aerie introduced a bra guide to accommodate online shoppers. All you have to do is click on your bra size and the guide will show real women wearing bras in your exact size. This new addition to the website is great. Ultimately, we want to purchase lingerie that looks great on us, not lingerie that looks great on supermodels. But wait, that is not the only new addition to the website. Women from across the U.S. now have the opportunity to be featured on the website. All you have to do is share a photo through Instagram or Twitter using the #AerieREAL tag.

A refreshing step outside

Aerie took a brave step outside of the lingerie drawer with this campaign. Women from all over the country have applauded and shared their excitement on Twitter (including me). Every woman is beautiful in their own unique way; it is refreshing to see this acknowledged by a popular lingerie brand. I have my fingers crossed that other brands will decide to follow in their footsteps.

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Photocredit: Huffington Post