• The Fall 2018 semester brings three different and challenging projects for our six students. Five new specialists enter the agency, and one student returns for her second semester as a coordinator. We will assist several businesses, local and national!




Warrensburg School Foundation

  • Innovative PR is currently working with the Warrensburg School Foundation on several video production projects. Our team has been tasked with writing scripts, producing, filming, and editing several videos for the foundation. The videos will be used at their annual donation banquet and hope to capture the profound effect of these donations, while inspiring more individuals to join the “Founding 50.”




Johnson County United Way

  • Innovative PR is currently working with the Johnson County United Way on a corporate sponsorship donation packet and a social media strategy guide.





UCM Bowling Center

  • Innovative PR worked with the Union Bowling Center at the University of Central Missouri. Our team has been tasked with creating a promotional campaigned aimed at making Warrensburg, Missouri residents aware of the several  programs the UBC offers.



UCM Public Relations Department

  • Innovative PR worked with the UCM Public Relations program on a multi-dimensional campaign focused on attracting prospective high school students to the program. The project will span several phases.



Treasured Blessings, LLC.

  • Innovative PR worked with repeat client, Treasured Blessings, LLC., on a two part project featuring social media consulting and publicity. The project hopes to place feature stories about the store in several strategic Missouri publications. Students will work on writing skills and will also experience the art of pitching stories to publications.




  • Innovative PR worked with Tony Winders, a 1990 graduate of the UCM PR Program, on media relations efforts for his company “Fuegorita.” Fuegorita is the spicier, more flavorful alternative to crush red-peppers. The project calls for the identification of influentials and key media publications in an influencer marketing focused project.






OOSlogo copy

UCM Office of Sustainability

  • Innovative PR helped the Office of Sustainability re-brand with a new logo and continues to help with its event promotion and social media management.



Campus Cupboard

  • Innovative PR developed promotional material for UCM’s food pantry and hosted a one year anniversary celebration.



UCM Alumni Association

  • Innovative PR helped the Alumni Association plan and promote a Meet-and-Greet to educate student leaders about the various programs the office offers.


together we're stronger logo

Together We’re Stronger, a documentary that tells a story of Bishop Lillis High School basketball state championship of 1961

  • Branding, promotion, media relations and social media



Something to Eat, a cause brought to UCM by Christian Campus House

  • Branding, promotion and media relations efforts

The Innovative PR team was absolutely amazing to work with. I was incredibly impressed by their passion, enthusiasm, skill and desire to truly make our event a wholistic success. There is no doubt in my mind that our event reached heights that it never would have reached without Innovative PR, and the workload on us was significantly reduced! We are greatly looking forward to being able to work with Innovative PR in the future!
– Bradley Smith, director of Christian Campus House




Earth Day 365, UCM’s week-long Earth Day celebration

  • Event coordination, promotion and media relations efforts



Student Recreation and Wellness Center

  • Social media management: Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest


Case Studies

#teamUCM Night at the Blackout Game

Innovative PR partnered with UCM Athletics to host its first-ever social media night, #teamUCM.

Click here for the case study.


#getyourRECon social media campaign for the REC

To gain awareness of the UCM Rec Center’s social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, the Innovative PR team launched a social media campaign called #getyourRECon.

Click here for the case study.


Women’s Week promotion

To develop an understanding of the purpose and activities around Women’s Week, and the fact that it is hosted by the UCM Women’s and Gender Studies Department, Innovative PR coordinated an awareness campaign.

Click here for the case study.


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