• The Royal Baby is a Marketer’s Dream

    By Breann Roettering It has been a little over a month since George Alexander Louis, the Royal Baby, was born. I am sure you are asking yourself why this matters though. The birth of Prince George has been a PR sensation and companies have found every way possible to use it in recent marketing efforts.… Continue reading

  • Students welcomed back at PRSSA Social

    by Katie Johnson It is hard to believe the fall semester is in full swing, especially for the Public Relations Student Society Association (PRSSA). What better way to mingle with other people who are in the same major, but have interests in different areas of the field, while having a slice of pizza? PRSSA decided… Continue reading

  • Viral Marketing Campaign For Next X-Men Film Begins

    by Jonathan Haile Allow me to get a bit nerdy today. One of the things film studios have done brilliantly in recent years is viral marketing. Viral marketing, of course, is about letting fans and customers share your idea over the internet and social media. While your product or company is always in mind, it… Continue reading

  • Chipotle Twitter: Win or Fail?

    by Jonathan Haile Find me someone who doesn’t love Chipotle Mexican Grill. I’d be flabbergasted. In fact, it seems like every student in Warrensburg gets down when they’re reminded that the  restaurant isn’t in town. The company recently staged a Twitter hack, garnering them some attention, but when exposed as a hoax, landed them in… Continue reading

  • Obama Is Coming – Let’s Get #ChooseRed Trending

    by Jonathan Haile Wednesday, July 24, is going to be a historic day for the University of Central Missouri. Never before has a sitting president visited UCM. President Barack Obama will come speak on the economy, and university president Charles Ambrose expects the Missouri Innovation Campus to be of interest to him, as well. If… Continue reading

  • “It’s Not An ‘S’. On My World It Means Product Placement.”

    by Jonathan Haile Unless you live under a rock, you know that last month Warner Brothers and DC Comics re-energized Superman on the silver screen with the release of Man Of Steel. So far the film has garnered over $500 million worldwide, and in a summer of mega box office failures, Superman is still flying… Continue reading

  • (RED) and Mashable Raise AIDS Awareness with Vine

    By Jonathan Haile Vine is one of the coolest mobile apps out there. Developed by Twitter and now available for Android users, Vine gives people the power to do make amazing videos that last just six seconds. (RED), a company dedicated to raising AIDS awareness and the eradication of the disease, has partnered with the… Continue reading

  • Coke Unites India and Pakistan

    by Jonathan Haile Perhaps the most idealistic take on social media would be its ability to make the world a better place by connecting those who normally wouldn’t be connected. What the Coca-Cola Company has done in India and Pakistan isn’t exactly social media, but they have utilized technology to connect people in a very… Continue reading

  • Is All Publicity Good Publicity? Ask Amanda Bynes

    by Megan Maher Oh Amanda Bynes… the precious Nickelodeon star that we all knew and loved. We’ve watched her grow up, transforming from the little girl in All That to the strict religious teen in the 2010 comedy Easy A. Unfortunately people no longer think of the girl from The Amanda Show when they hear… Continue reading