If You Want Your Publics to Relate to You Here’s What You Should Be Doing

If you want your publics to relate to you, here's what you should be doing

It’s no secret that social media plays a vital role nowadays in brand messaging. Earned and bought media look different than they used to—largely due to the introduction and growing influence of this ever-evolving form of media. At first glance, jumping into this digital space can be daunting and feel like a huge undertaking. However, it doesn’t have to stay this way. If used strategically, social media can help brands build relationships with their publics in meaningful ways. TikTok and Instagram are two major influencer platforms that we see many brands utilizing for their sales and marketing efforts. Influencers are a great way to grab audiences’ attention because they already have a trusted following. Just by using popular TikTok sounds or having funny and relatable story times can make a huge difference in how brands and products are perceived. Here are some examples of ways to get your public to relate to you.

Don’t be afraid to not look “sexy”

When it comes to grabbing the attention of an audience, it’s historically been common for brands to make what they have to offer look more sexy or cool than they actually are. But in today’s generation, we aren’t as concerned with being sexy and just want to feel included or understood. When makeup or clothing brands simply put a person in front of a camera and we get to watch the process of them getting ready to go somewhere we all go, it feels personal; as an audience, we relate to the getting ready process and see ourselves using the same things.

Alix Earl AE x apartment hunting get ready with me TikTok video

Alix Earle is a TikToker who does a great job utilizing her platform and relatability to connect with her followers. Many brands have recognized Alix’s power of influence and have partnered with her to create videos where she is incorporating their products into her everyday life. From an observational standpoint, Alix’s followers seem to take note and trust her recommendations.

Take for example this video where Alix partnered with American Eagle to pick out an outfit to go apartment hunting. At first glance, there isn’t anything particularly sexy about the video, however, its 249.7k likes and 799 comments reflect that the influencer’s followers place trust in and are engaged in what she has to say.

Utilize popular sounds or trends

If you want your publics to relate to you, utilize popular sounds and trends

We all know that trends come and go but on social media it can be a difference of 2 million likes or 200. Especially on TikTok, most videos being seen by audiences are ones that are popular or trending. When trying to reach a large audience, try using a popular sound in your videos or even a hashtag that’s popular at the moment. This way more people will see your page. Imagine gaining dozens if not hundreds of followers with one popular video!

A day in the life goes a long way

Day in the life videos aref you want your publics to relate to you

Whether you work for a large company or a small business, selling clothes or selling food, day in the life videos are a great way to relate to an audience. If you marry parts of your day with particular messages you are trying to get across to a target audience in your video, then you can easily look relatable and showcase products/messages! Day in the life videos are a great form of storytelling and you can do just about anything you want in them.

Lexi Hidalgo is another influencer who’s well known for her relatable free spirit and frequently works with brands like Free People to show their clothes and vision in action!

Thanks to the power of social media, there are so many different ways to amplify and get creative with your platform. Sometimes the best way to connect with an audience is simply to be as relatable as possible! Doing so can look so many different ways but ultimately, it’s up to you and how you want your audience to feel seen and related to. Sometimes all it takes is being yourself!

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