The importance of video content for public relations

The importance of video content for public relations: All you need to know

As public relations professionals, we are in the storytelling business. As storytellers, we should always be looking for the most engaging and influential tools and mediums to disseminate our story and its key messages to our audiences. Undeniably, video has been rising in popularity as THE medium for message deliverance as the technology behind video content becomes more widespreadly available and everyday cameras and editing software becomes capable of filming, transforming, and rendering higher quality content with a lower barrier to entry. 

The benefits of video content in PR

What does video have over print media? To name a few examples… 

  1. Video content has a longer average viewer consumption time than print media. This has two basic effects. First, your consumers’ eyes are on an engaging message that you have tailored for longer than a purely text or static image post would normally garner. Second, this extended time on your page will improve SEO. 
  2. Social media sites favor video for the same reasons we do. Their algorithms will prioritize posts with a video because they know that’s what viewers are more likely to spend their time engaging with, rather than the wall of text posts it places lower on the timeline.
  3. Video content is ultra shareable and ultra engaging. In 2021, it was projected that 82% of internet traffic would be video content. Video content is also 12x more likely to be shared than posts with text and photo only
The costs of video content in PR

What are the costs of producing video content? 

It depends greatly on the complexity of the shoot and editing. A general rule is that for every finished minute of video, outsourcing the work would incur costs between $1,000 – $10,000 for a professional corporate level video. Factors such as number of cameras/angles required, music licensing, set design/props, labor before, during and after the shoot, and any other costs that may pop up cause the figure to vary as well. 

If you find that the quality of video necessary for your needs is not quite as demanding, you may be able to generate some video content on your own. All that is strictly necessary is a reliable source of quality video, a reliable source of quality audio, a computer with the necessary software and hardware to perform the demanding task of editing videos, a channel or channels to upload your content onto, and the time for a lot of trial and error, research, and asset creation. Production skills take serious refinement; in most cases you would want to hire someone with a background in video scripting, production, and editing onto your team before committing too much to in-house video production. 

Best practices of using video content in PR

A few video content best practices to set you apart from the noise include:

  1. Utilizing closed captioning/subtitling on your video content. Various studies have reported that the majority of social media videos are watched without sound, at least initially in the viewing process. If you want the messages you have been carefully crafting to be seen and heard, include captions on your videos. This is also an accessibility consideration that is overlooked by many content creators. 
  2. Keep your videos short, informative, and engaging. Add layers to your videos. On screen text, images, and motion graphic overlays can add a large amount of value for your viewers and keep them engaged. 
  3. Keep in mind that each social media platform/video sharing site treats video differently. They have differing player orientations and sizes, quality limitations, and overlays that may block part of the content. Everything you create or commission should be optimized for the platform(s) the content is intended for. 

Above all remember that video content is only as effective as the messaging and planning that went on before the launch of the campaign. Have a strong idea of what elements will be necessary to make an engaging video for your audience, and if you feel out of depth – reach out to a production house.


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