Why College Is More Than Just Classes: Involvement Is Key

Why college is more than just classes: Involvement is key

As a current junior at the University of Central Missouri, I feel as though I have mastered the art of surviving college. If you’re wanting to make the most of your experience, my simple advice would be to get involved!

Whether you decide to join a professional club, Greek Life, or any other group that aligns with what you’re passionate about, getting plugged in can lead you toward a lot of benefits. One of those being, interactions with peers of similar interests.

In this blog post I will give my three best compelling reasons why you should sign up to be involved in an organization and how it will benefit you in your professional career.

#1: Networking

Getting involved in college key #1: Networking

If you’re like me, you’ve probably heard professors, advisors, or other industry professionals tell you many times that you need to network. Well, I’m here to testify that they really are trying to help you by giving you that advice. As a once young incoming college student, I was terrified to step out of my comfort zone and join organizations, but I probably wouldn’t be here writing this post if I didn’t go for it. Networking with my peers, professors, and the professionals I come in contact with has helped me learn about more opportunities to further my career path and receive tips to help me compete in my job search. Networking sounds hard and scary but by joining an organization and talking to others around you, you complete your first step in this seemingly daunting task.

A personal experience I have from the benefits of networking is through my involvement with our local Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) chapter and how it helped me land my current job. I knew a friend that was already working at this institution but if it wasn’t for me being the PRSSA Treasurer I wouldn’t have walked in the door to grab a job application and later land the job.

#2: Builds Your Resume

Getting involved in college key #2: Builds your resume

While your good grades and high GPA may stand out, what most employers are looking for nowadays are extracurricular opportunities outside of your classes, such as part-time jobs and involvement in organizations that have enhanced your knowledge and skills. Why do employers look at this over grades? They want to know that you’re a team player, possess the ability to communicate with others, and know that you care enough about what you do to go the extra mile. Listing your involvement on your resume can give you that extra step above other candidates to give you a more competitive advantage…because what employer doesn’t love real-life experience?

#3: Peer Help in Classes

Getting involved in college key #3: Connect with peers in class

Have you ever been stuck on a question for a class and wished you had a peer to turn to? Well getting involved in organizations that help you get to know your fellow classmates can help solve this issue as well. Being involved in extracurricular activities allows you to meet peers that you have things in common with. During my time as an active member of PRSSA I have met students with whom I share the same major. Thanks to my involvement in the organization and the friends I have gained through it, I have built up a strong network of PR peers that I know I can rely on when I get stuck on a problem.

Getting involved can look different for everyone, but just by making a simple effort you can gain great benefits!

Innovative Public Relations is a student-led firm that is part of the award-winning and nationally certified UCM Public Relations and Strategic Communication program. Students interested in a PRSC hands-on university major and exciting career can join the program in one of two ways: (1) traditional on-campus or (2) online. 


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