The Secret to Success in the Music Industry: Public Relations

Written by Mallory Griffin

Do you ever wonder how your favorite music artist went from just a “somebody” to an international star and everyone knew their name? Well, I’m sure your first guess would be their talent and of course, that is a major factor. However, their story had to start somewhere and what better way than to promote a brand new artist than through the power of public relations.

How does Public Relations serve music artists?

The music industry has been the home to hundreds of amazing and classic artists that rule the industry. How do they keep their music relevant and in the public eye even after decades of being in the industry? Public relations is the answer. In order for a new artist or even a seasoned artist to remain at the center of their audience, a team of experienced public relations professionals is needed to promote and create their campaigns. The main goal of course is to keep fans listening and sharing that artist’s music.

Public Relations is Key

In 2015, the late Swedish DJ, Avicii, created a series of Instagram pages and linked them using “choose your own story” as the narrative. Each page featured nine different images that made up one picture. When clicked, a link to the next Instagram page was provided to a part of the story. Each story represented a track on the singer’s new album. This campaign not only sparked conversation amongst Avicii’s fan base but created an impact by promoting the idea of an artist being the author of their own story. This campaign demonstrated that not one person’s story is the same even if we make similar choices. That is portrayed perfectly through this campaign.

Avicci, Choose Your Own Story, 2015.

All artists in the music industry, new or known, should consider the impact public relations could have on their career. Public relations is all about branding. A brand is an intangible marketing or business concept that helps people identify a company, product, or individual. Music artists are trying to build a brand and they are the center. Campaigns are an important part of this process, but they are not the end all be all to branding either. Staying consistent on social media, interacting with fans, collaborating with other artists and influencers, and continually looking for ways to relate back to their audience can help keep the artist relevant and their fans interested.

As long as music exists, people will continue to talk about it. Music is not only a powerful entertainment medium, but artists can use it to create change. Why not use the power of public relations to brand an artist in a way that will not only impact their fans but make a positive difference in the world? Without public relations, who knows if artists like Drake, Luke Combs, Nirvana, or Olivia Rodrigo would have made the impact they have on their audience today.


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