Why PR professionals should think like a celebrity

Why PR professionals should think like a celebrity

Written by Megan White

Do you follow your favorite celebrities online? If you do, I’m sure you get very excited when they post something, right? What if I told you that it’s not common for mainstream celebrities to post their own content? 

Sorry to crush your dreams, but it’s a lot less personal than we think. Celebrities have teams of people, specifically PR professionals, who monitor and post content for them based on what their audience wants. Let’s take a look at Taylor Swift, for example.

Swift is known for a number of unique PR moves. Swift is famously known for wiping her Instagram feed clean for a new album announcement, creating crossword puzzles for fans to figure out that highlight the featured artists on her upcoming tracks or creating secret album listening sessions where she invites local fans from to listen before the world does. She’s known for having a distinct skill for knowing what to do at the right time. Although she never fails to get people excited about her music, it’s also never just her doing the promoting or responding. 

The great thing about having a social media manager or team is that you’re able to do so much more than you think. The benefits of having a professional to collaborate on new ideas or trust to run your platforms are high. Swift’s team does a great job of engagement. Even if it’s not Swift herself, her verified username is still the one responding to your comment. Being able to interact with her fans is one of the most important things Swift could do to boost her credibility. It’s advice any organization can take, too. You build trust with your followers or consumers through engaging with them, whether that be online or in person. Through the digital age, you can easily engage with your audience through likes, comments, shares, or a simple follow. It shows that you have a genuine concern for their well-being. 

Another thing we can learn from Swift’s team is the importance of diversifying your accounts. Swift has something special to offer within every one of her social media accounts. Organizations can do the same. Spend time making authentic content for each channel to diversify your image and audience. This not only allows for new audiences across your platforms, but for a connection between them all. Different content on different platforms gives your audience an incentive to follow you as they want to be up-to-date at every angle you can give them.

Let’s not forget that with Swift being a high profile individual, she gets to share content online which circumvents traditional media. Her team doesn’t necessarily have to worry about press conferences or news releases. Social media is enough to get the word out without the media playing “middle man.” She gets to ensure that her message is presented exactly how she wants it to be. Maintaining that direct connection and communication with an audience is impressive and doesn’t get enough credit as it should. 

Companies can benefit a lot from seeing celebrities and their PR teams take over social media. Trust can be rebuilt and your audience can be expanded. Taylor Swift is one of the countless celebrity examples out there. Try thinking more like Swift next time you want to make a big move.

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