Core covenants as a Mule 

Written by Harrison Babbitt

Wearing the Central Missouri baseball uniform is a privilege and honor. Having the opportunity to represent my university to the highest standard on and off the field is something I will never forget. The leadership and relationship building skills I have learned during my time here will be so beneficial to me in the long run-especially toward my career field, public relations. Becoming a Mule takes hard work and dedication. Once you step foot on campus, you are taught the four core covenants of becoming a baseball player for the Mules: Discipline, Relentlessness, Selflessness, and Love. These core values will stick with me throughout my professional career. 


The first core covenant is discipline. Discipline as a Mule means knowing right from wrong and being able to control yourself when things start to go south. Discipline also means being able to listen to others around you/obeying rules. These core covenants are given to us not only to build a successful baseball organization, but to also build young men in today’s society. Having discipline in life can help you stay calm in tough situations and prepare you to conquer anything that is thrown your way. When it comes to having discipline in the professional world, this covenant can set you apart from the pack. Showing professionals that you are able to follow rules, build healthy relationships, and grow leadership skills will set you up for success. In the Central Missouri baseball world, we discuss “never riding the roller coaster of energy/emotion.” There are ups and downs in life, and if you can stray away from showing too much emotion in the good/bad times, others around you will notice that nothing can shake you and will have more people willing to go to “bat” for you. 


Being relentless means being able to overcome adversity. Although nothing is ever certain in life or in baseball, one thing they both have in common is adversity. Problems are going to occur at any moment and most of the time they are out of our control. Being relentless will prepare you for the next time life seems uncertain. I like to use this covenant with my major. In PR, crises are bound to happen. It’s what you are able to do after the crisis that can set you up for future success. A quote that we enjoy using when problems occur is “put it in the bucket.” What this means is that we understand that something didn’t go our way. All we can do is put that issue in the bucket and move on. 


Selflessness is one of the most important core covenants in my opinion. Being selfless means to be concerned with the needs and wishes of others more than yourself. The world needs more humans who are willing to give up things for the person next to them. More times than not when it comes to building relationships, people who are selfless gain a bigger following and are treated with the same amount of respect that they give. Also being around people who are selfless, there is a higher chance that their love for others will rub off on others around them. 


The final core covenant of UCM baseball is love. Love has more than just one meaning, but love as a Mule entails caring, communicating, and respect. Love is not just given, it’s earned. Showing love doesn’t necessarily need to be a physical gesture, but by the way you present yourself every day and the action you show to others can spread love. We are all searching for love, but to find love, you must give love. 

After truly being taught the meanings of the core covenants, I realized how I can turn myself into a better person and be successful in life. Applying these covenants outside the baseball field will hopefully show everyone I ever come into contact with that my morals and ethics are important.


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