Public Relations Through An Art Form: The Film Industry

Written by Mallory Griffin

The film industry is one of the most dominating art forms in entertainment. Hundreds of films are produced every year and flow in-and-out of different media platforms. With the overabundance of films being produced yearly and the multiple streaming services available to us, public relations and marketing tactics have become an integral part of promoting films. 

What role does public relations serve?

After the entire filming and production process has been finished, it’s time to promote the film. That’s where public relations comes into play. Public relations works to bring awareness to upcoming productions in an effort to implement an interest in the film. PR allows films to reach the appropriate distributors and reach the target audience. Not all strategies work for every film and every genre which is why public relations is able to take those attracting factors like award-winning actors, and critically acclaimed directors and strategically plan an effective way of promoting that film to the audience that will receive it best. 

Public Relations and the Film Industry 

With today’s technology, social media plays a very important role in how films are promoted. PR Specialists are able to use social media and promote films in a way that is more efficient and travels quicker. The entertainment business is also an extremely press heavy industry due to the popular names within entertainment. 

Holding press conferences that allow distributors to know important details about an upcoming film is a way for PR to engage the press. Public relations plays a huge part in the creation of things like trailers, reels, photo stills, and of course press releases to various different film festivals. Promoting a film is equally as important as the work it takes to produce one. PR Specialists are the key to media connections. Portraying the message to the right people is an essential part in assuring the film is reaching the right audience and getting the awareness it needs to be successful. The more media coverage, press, and social media exposure an upcoming film receives, the more likely the film will reach the desired numbers. 

A great example of good PR in the film industry would be films produced by A24 distribution company. A24 is known for distributing independent films by independent directors.

Independent films can be a little tricky in the PR department because they are not produced or directed by household names like Universal Studios or Steven Spielberg. Therefore, there is a greater need for exposure. A24 has a very prominent presence on YouTube, Instagram, and their website. Tactics they use to promote their films are teaser trailers, extended trailers, reels, cast interviews, merch drops, and scene breakdowns. All methods of public relations have gained A24 films major promotion points. A24’s public relations and marketing team has supported and helped fulfill numerous filmmakers’ lifelong dreams, all the while strategically promoting these films in such a way that it has created a long-lasting brand for itself. 

The film industry is such an essential aspect in our society. Being able to see stories play out on a screen of familiar scenarios is not only a form of entertainment, but it’s also an understanding. It’s a way to relate, express, and create a picture that not only resonates with people but will move them in ways that can’t be compared. Public relations makes it possible for not only the film industry, but every industry within the entertainment business to send out and expose these messages that are so desperately important in our world.


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