How Banks Can Benefit from Public Relations

Written by Diana Eads

Some people may ask themselves, “How might a bank benefit from having a public relations department?” Banks are multiplying at such a rapid pace, that having a public relations department would help to support these businesses and their growing goals in numerous ways. Today, there are banks on almost every corner and so it is very important that they maintain a positive image. They must maintain an image that will draw people’s attention—one that stands out above the rest. This will help them to gain the trust and loyalty of their customers. PR is a very effective way to help achieve the positive image that they are striving to create.

How can Public Relations Help Banks?

A public relations department can help out a bank in many ways. One of its key roles would be to help make sure that the bank is communicating well within its own organization and with consumers. This might include creating and executing various promotional activities—which are a great way to get the public’s attention. It could mean occasionally offering promotional interest rates, or other financial incentives for customer referrals and new accounts. Cash rewards and special rates are effective at generating new customers and encouraging existing customers to open a new type of account. The PR department can also use social media to help publish information about the bank and any new products it has to offer. They can also publish informational tips for consumers as well. A few examples of this would be to share helpful tips on the best ways to save for your children’s education or maybe sharing information on the convenience of digital banking and including an infographic that explains how to make mobile deposits. All of these things will engage the bank’s social media accounts to help promote positive feedback.

It is very important for banks to have a good brand image in order to survive in the competitive banking industry. This will entice consumers to choose your bank and its services. A positive image can also lead to customer loyalty in the long run, and the public relations department can be instrumental in this effort. By ensuring transparency of information between the organization and the audience, a PR department will help you present that favorable image needed to do this. They can also organize events in order to help instill trust in consumers’ minds. These events might include something as simple as offering a free shred day at the bank where customers can bring in their personal documents for shredding, or it might be a fun event like a customer appreciation day in the summer where the bank offers grilled hotdogs, and chips and drinks to all customers who come in that day. These are just a few examples of some of the events that a PR department could help a bank organize.

Another area that a public relations department can help with is making sure that the bank is prepared for a crisis. It is very important that a bank always be prepared for any and all types of crises that may develop. A PR department can help the bank put together a plan to deal with any type of crisis that could potentially occur. They can help to create a crisis management plan for you to help deal with all types of crises. This could include but not be limited to robberies, an injured employee or customer on bank property, or a natural disaster. These plans also would include step- by- step instructions on what needs to be done first, how to deal with the media, and how to continue business operations. PR departments are essential to providing information that will inform the public with accurate information and respond to questions and concerns that can help ensure the bank’s image is not tarnished.

There are many different ways a bank can benefit from having a public relations department. Simply put, a PR department’s job is to help build brand awareness, customer loyalty and your bank’s reputation and make sure to protect it at all times. This is very important in order to help make sure your bank continues to grow and prosper.


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