Build your brand: Your key to success


By Sydnie Kerr

College is the place where students gain experiences, discover their passions and more importantly, start building their careers. In a business like public relations, employers want an employee who stands out from the crowd and your personal brand can be your ticket to your next job. If the right personal branding is implemented a world of opportunities and connections may become available.

We often think of branding as something only companies build, but in our age of social media branding efforts extend to personal use. You may not know it yet, but you already have a brand. Now, it is up to you to take these steps and create the brand you want it to be.


  1. Be Yourself.

Now, this may sound a little cliché, but it’s important advice I’ve received. Find out what makes you different, show off the things you love, and do what makes you happy. Employers and your network will notice if you are trying to be someone you’re not and you’ll shine if you are genuine and sincere about who you are.


  1. Utilize social media.

Social media for networking can be one of your biggest assets. LinkedIn is especially important for networking with colleagues and future employers. Build your brand on LinkedIn. You also need to be mindful about what you post on each platform. Each platform is used in different ways so consider the content you are creating for each.


  1. Be careful about WHAT you post

College is fun, but, your employers are going to look at your social media when considering you for a job. If you are constantly posting with alcohol or drugs that can destroy your chance of being hired. Be mindful, and think “Would I want my grandma to see this?”


  1. Create a logo and branding guide for yourself

It’s very impressive when people have personal logos and keep a consistent look across all their platforms. Consider creating something that distinguishes you from the next individual. This can carry through all your social media platforms and on your resume and cover letters. Make them look the same in terms of your brand, that way you are easily identifiable and remembered.


  1. Create a voice

Across all social platforms, you’ll want to create your voice and persona. Are you funny? Sarcastic? Easy-going? Consider how you want to portray yourself and create your content based on that.


  1. Create an impactful bio

This goes along with establishing your voice. A bio will tell everyone who you are, what you do and the kind of person you are. Write your bio based on who you are. Don’t just tell people what you do, show them and go deeper.

To learn more about creating a professional bio, take a look at these;


  1. Post regularly

It’s important to keep up with your brand. Don’t neglect it for months. Employers are looking for active users who are consistent and not outdated.


  1. Get connected

It’ll look great if you have a lot of relevant connections on LinkedIn or on Twitter. This means that you know your people and have connections that can always help future employers. You network of people is so important in the PR world because those connections will help you grow and can potentially land you your future job. The more you know people, the better.


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