A Collective ‘Thank You’ from the Innovative PR team


By Blake Hedberg

Thanks for your continued support! Here is the link to give back to our program: https://ucmfoundation.org/Give/PR

At the conclusion of another successful semester for UCM’s Innovative PR agency, it’s paramount to reflect on our journey, the professional experiences we’ve undertaken, and the skills we’ve acquired from our client projects. Also, while the student specialists spent countless hours working on client projects, several individuals coordinated efforts behind-the-scenes to keep IPR functioning, and those individuals each deserve a big thanks.

Each semester is a unique journey. In the beginning, a variety of students whom possess varying skill sets, join together and take on multiple client projects while working in a simulated agency. The Fall 2017 Innovative PR team consisted of six undergraduate students, all interested in gaining real-world experience while still in school and wanting to challenge themselves professionally. In August, I challenged this team to take our agency to greatness. Fast-forward to December…as IPR the manager I can firmly assert they accomplished greatness.

In less than 12 months, the agency transformed in an almost night-and-day sweeping motion. Through leadership transition and financial crisis, Innovative PR delivered exceptional and timely work to clients. Our student specialists immersed themselves in media relations, logo-redesign, feature story writing, interviewing, story pitching, and brand management. IPR Account Specialist Adriana Vivas even won a professional award for her design work! And, highlighting this semester was the four day trip three of our students sponsored themselves and took to visit our Los Angeles based client. Read the full story here: https://ucminnovativepr.com/2017/12/01/help-get-team-amn-to-la-a-look-into-the-social-media-campaign/

As the Innovative PR manager, words cannot do justice to the sentiment I have toward the firm. The manager position has been transformative in my professional growth and opened more doors for me than I ever thought possible. I found that I am passionate about managing and interacting with students, forming bonds along the way while motivating individuals to reach their academic potential. To see them flourish, to see them succeed and deliver excellence to clients is one of the best feelings I’ve been fortunate enough to experience.

I owe a tremendous amount of our success to Dr. Tricia Hansen-Horn. Serving as the firm’s advisor, Dr. Hansen-Horn has been my saving grace through the first year and provides excellent assistance, as well as confidence support, to my endeavors in the office. I can always count on her to be there for guidance, and her work coordinating client projects keeps our agency alive. We would not operate without her long hours of hard work.

Also deserving thanks are our professional mentors in the University Relations office. Jeff Murphy and Mike Griefe have been instrumental in pushing the firm in the right direction. They have advised students and the previous managers since the firm’s 2010 inception. Both have positively impacted my experience as manager and always make time for me when I need help. The three individuals’ work often goes unnoticed, but today I would like to give them each a huge “thank you” from the entire Innovative PR team.

And, of course, I want to personally thank the individuals serving as our clients the past two semesters, while supporting our ongoing efforts. Your commitment to our agency has a profound impact on our students’ abilities to grow professionally. You’ve inspired them and opened plenty of doors for each of them. Without your assistance, we could not do what we do. And for that, we owe a big “thank you!”

Much of what Innovative PR is able to do is supported through the UCM Public Relations Foundation Fund. In the spirit of holiday giving, I want to thank every individual who has contributed to it. Your contributions have a significant impact on keeping Innovative PR going and giving future PR pros the chance to experience this excellence found in this firm. We are making great progress toward next year’s funding goal, but we’re still several thousands of dollars away from the benchmark necessary to keep IPR going as a wholly student-led PR firm.

The UCM PR Program Foundation account link is https://ucmfoundation.org/Give/PR. If you can give yet this year, or again this year, please do. Your contributions make continued student excellence possible and Innovative PR growth possible. Thank you in advance for your generosity!

Please share this blog and opportunity to support Innovative with your friends and colleagues.

Happy Holidays from all of us here at Innovative PR!

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