December 2017

  • A Collective ‘Thank You’ from the Innovative PR team

    By Blake Hedberg Thanks for your continued support! Here is the link to give back to our program: — At the conclusion of another successful semester for UCM’s Innovative PR agency, it’s paramount to reflect on our journey, the professional experiences we’ve undertaken, and the skills we’ve acquired from our client projects. Also, while the… Continue reading

  • Help Get Team AMN to LA! – A Look into the Social Media Campaign

    By Andrea “Nickey” Buzek “Guys, I’ve never been on an airplane before,” I said to Adriana and Mark, the “A” and “M” to Team AMN. Their eyebrows raised and I got the usual: “What?” “Really?” and “That’s crazy,” although, I don’t think they understood what I meant. Finally, I stopped the conversation and grabbed both… Continue reading