IPR Alumna shares knowledge with current specialists

by Jonathan Haile

At Innovative PR, we’re always looking for new ways to get students excited about the industry they’re only months from entering. It’s one thing to be working on real accounts with real clients. It’s another thing to understand that the experience gained is going to pay dividends in the future. That’s why we pulled out a page from UCM PRSSA’s book and invited an IPR and UCM PR Program alumna to speak to the group.


It’s my hope that this is beginning of an awesome trend. Kellyn Baysinger of Intouch Solutions kindly “Facetimed” into our regular weekly meeting. She talked about her responsibilities as a social media analyst, explained why she loves her office’s culture, and gave some valuable tips to the soon-to-be job hunters.

Among these excellent tips, Kellyn stressed staying up to speed on industry happenings, reading PR news sites and when looking for a job, perfecting those resumes and cover letters with peer input. As it turns out, having IPR on her resume was a huge plus when it came time to interview for her current position. She also talked about ways to get involved outside of the office, like joining Social Media Club of Kansas City.

Much like the pros that join us for PR Pro Day, we thank Kellyn for taking the time out of her day to give a few pointers. We are encouraged by the brief discussion and we hope that more IPR alumni will follow suit. It’s great to hear from those who have gone through our agency and see their growth as professionals.

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