Plunge for Landon

by Katie Johnson

Who would you challenge to jump into a freezing body of water in order to donate money to help a child with a rare form of cancer? Not many people find this a challenging question due to the alarming amount of videos posted on Facebook. The campaign “Plunge for Landon” is spreading like wildfire in the U.S., Spain, South Korea, Ireland and Afghanistan with more than 11,000 videos uploaded to the Facebook page and more than $30,000 raised in one week according to Mail Online.

Landon’s diagnosis

Landon Shaw, from Tarkio, Missouri, was taken to Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City in late February where he was eventually diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that has spread from his kidneys to his brain. In the weeks that followed, the 5-month-old had four surgeries, and according to his mother, always had a smile on his face. After residents in the Tarkio area heard about Landon’s condition they began to help raise money any way they could, but it was still not the desired amount. Eventually “Plunge for Landon” was set into action, and it has raised more awareness and participation than imaginable.

Alyssa Shaw, Landon’s mother, initially saw a “Plunge” video on Facebook with one of her friends jumping into a freezing lake in honor of her son. She brushed it off as something silly until she saw many more videos with others challenging friends to take the plunge. This fundraiser encourages people to nominate at least three people to jump into a pond or lake and film themselves doing so, eventually posting the video Facebook using the hashtag #plundgeforLandon. Once the nominees have completed the challenge within 24 hours, the nominator will donate a specified amount to the fund, and the trend continues.



Within the first week this was all over the nation and had spread to other countries, helping offset the cost to cover Landon’s extensive medical care. If you would like to donate, or after completing the plunge yourself, you can mail checks to the Flower Mill, 606 main St., Tarkio, MO 64491.

Take the plunge!

It is time for others to participate in the “Plunge For Landon.” He can use all the help possible. With this being said, Jonathan Haile, Jessica Smith, and Elissa Huck, I challenge you, my IPR team, to take the “Plunge for Landon.” Who will you challenge next?

After you take the plunge, be sure to “like” IPR on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

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