A Shocking Twist – The Bachelor finale leads to social media frenzy

By Katie Johnson

It’s spring break! We’ve reached the half-way point and can evaluate our progress, but when I think back on the semester, the thing that really comes to mind is The Bachelor, Juan Pablo. It was sure to be an unforgettable eighteenth season. When it started, the media was referring to January as “Juanuary.” All 1.4 million viewers who tuned in for the season finale they can attest to this.

Juan Pablo and Nikki

Even though Juan Pablo’s season may have ended, commotion in the tabloids has just begun. Since ABC has been airing The Bachelor, there has not been an ending quite like this one. At the Final Rose Ceremony Juan Pablo chose Nikki Ferrell and sent Clare Crawley packing. Not only did he not chose the woman who was predicted to receive the final rose, the season didn’t end in a proposal which has only happened once.

I’m in “like” with you.

Does the idea of proposing to someone you have only known for two months sound crazy? If you answered “yes” you are probably among many who agree. However, when it comes to The Bachelor, this is expected. Therefore, when Juan Pablo did not propose or say “I love you” it was a shocking turn of events. Rather, he said, “I’m not 100 percent sure I want to propose to you. But at the same time I’m 100 percent sure that I don’t want to let you go. I like you a lot. A lot.”

This ending stirred up quite a bit (okay… a lot) of negative feedback from viewers. Not only was the audience upset with the way the show ended, but the derogatory comments about Juan Pablo’s character began to flood social media. During the finale #Bachelor and #JuanPablo were the top trending hash tags on twitter.  Unfortunately, the comments may surprise some who have not kept up with the season because of his “fan favorite” reputation while a contestant on ABC’s The Bachelorette. He did not speak often when he was on Desiree’s season, and left the show very early, so many did not get to know him very well.

Twitter backlash and viral videos

Some may say that his true colors have shown through this season. It has been reported that three of the final six women now hate him because of his behavior. With making degrading remarks and rude comments to the women off camera, but keeping a good face while filming (for the most part) it is obvious many viewers will not refer to him as the “fan favorite” again. Due to the backlash that Juan Pablo has received on social media he made a “lovey dovey” video to show his “Like” for her. This video has been leaked and stirred up even more reactions.

This video was released three days ago and has already received over 890,000 views. Only time will tell to see if this video can restore Juan Pablo’s trashed reputation. It hurts that Chris Harrison, host of The Bachelor, said that he was even uneasy about the choice from the beginning. Meanwhile, as mentioned above, Twitter erupted with negativity toward Juan Pablo. One user tweeted at Nikki, the winner, and said, “It’s ok to be embarrassed, you’re ‘dating’ and idiot, and it has nothing to do with a language barrier,” (20 retweets and 59 favorites).

The Bachelor is about falling happily in love with a perfect stranger in a short amount of time which is a concept not many can digest. However, finding your life-partner is a concept most understand. As time progresses there will many more Bachelor’s with many more breakup and marriages, but Season 18 is one that will go down in the books, and social media will always help us remember.

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