#GirlsCan: CoverGirl’s new approach to empowering women

By Amanda Moore

CoverGirl is a cosmetic line sold across the United States. You have probably seen countless commercials about their different types of make-up, trying to persuade you to use their newest lipstick or their age-defying foundation. CoverGirl is well known for their many celebrity endorsements including Ellen DeGeneres, Sofia Vergara and Pink. Celebrity endorsements aren’t anything new, but CoverGirl has now taken a new spin on it. Check it out:


CoverGirl’s new commercial “#GirlsCan” goes beyond the products they sell. It features eight different women celebrities speaking out about the stereotype that girls can’t do certain things. “Girls can’t rock. Girls can’t be strong. Girls can’t check. Girls can’t be funny. Girls can’t rap. Girls can’t run the show. Girls can’t dance crazy. Girls can’t!” One celebrity, Queen Latifiah, talks about how she was told she couldn’t rap or own her own business, and now she has done both. The message is that women can do anything they want when they don’t limit themselves to other’s expectations, and why should they?

Going against the grain


Covergirl’s idea to promote they empowerment of women is amazing. It’s not often that companies address stereotypes head-on. This commercial was a risk for CoverGirl because women are subjected to many other commercials, magazine ads, etc., filled with beautiful women with flawless skin and perfect bodies. This CoverGirl commercial shows that women can use their products and be themselves; they don’t need to look like the perfect women in the other advertisements. In the commercial “BE YOU” flashes, and that is important. Being yourself is what makes you beautiful, and to embrace that is a powerful thing. Self-love creates confidence that can’t be torn down, and to have a company advocate for that is extremely refreshing.

Thank you, CoverGirl for going against the grain to help encourage girls to follow their dreams. Women need to forget these stereotypes and do what they are passionate about, regardless of what others think we can and can’t do.  Even if someone says “Girls can’t,” you can prove them wrong by showing them #GirlsCan.

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Image via: CoverGirl Youtube


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