(RED) and Mashable Raise AIDS Awareness with Vine

By Jonathan Haile

page-24-26-4weeks5Vine is one of the coolest mobile apps out there. Developed by Twitter and now available for Android users, Vine gives people the power to do make amazing videos that last just six seconds. (RED), a company dedicated to raising AIDS awareness and the eradication of the disease, has partnered with the website Mashable, in hopes of setting the record for most videos that support a single cause.

“Being a part of the Vine world record is simple. All you need to do is create a Vine video and share it with the hashtag #REDworldrecord.” – Mashable

Be quick if you want to participate. (RED) is trying to set the record today. Being the first campaign of its kind, we like their chances for setting a high standard. This doesn’t mean that today is the only day to use the hashtag, as AIDS awareness needs to endure until the disease is finally eliminated.

This is one of the reasons we love about social media. It’s not just about connecting with your friends or sharing photos of good times. It gives us the power to support causes more intimately and make positive changes for ourselves and others. AIDS isn’t going away fast enough, but if we continue to be aware of the dangers we can learn how to prevent it. And who knows? Maybe a cure is on its way in the future.

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