Free WiFi could mean: Hacker Alert!

by Chelsey Buseck


Finals week is in eight days. For some students, this means nothing because they are prepared and ready to face the challenge. But, for the rest of us, it’s go time. Each day becomes a new study session, backed up with multiple cups of coffee. Pop tarts become a main food group, sleep no longer exists and the library is ridiculously busy.

The tough part about the week before finals is finding a secluded place to think and brainstorm without the possibility of being interrupted. So, where is a student supposed to study if the library is unavailable? The local coffee shop! UCM has three coffee shops on campus and Warrensburg has two downtown. What could go wrong?

According to mashable identity and financial theft are on the rise where free wifi is offered. Places like McDonalds, Starbucks and even our local coffee shops open the gate to give hackers the opportunity to record your sensitive data.

 Here are some ways to prevent your information from being stolen:

– Install an anti-virus software (and make sure you keep it up to date)

– If it is possible, try and use your own network

– Always keep your credit card info in your wallet

– Beware of suspicious USB drives

Overall, being cautious of who is exposed to your information is the best way to prevent your information from being stolen.


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