Innovative PR team is top-notch

by Dani Myers

GoldWinner_IPR_photoThere isn’t much that can hold back the Innovative PR team. During the past six semesters of my graduate career I’ve had the opportunity to work with six different groups of students. I am continuously impressed by their skill levels, creative thinking and their ability to plan strategically.

While planning and executing campaigns for Innovative PR’s on-campus clients is new to many of its team members– most accept the challenge fearlessly and their passion for the public relations profession shines through every step of the way. The best part is that I get to witness their transformations from just getting their feet wet during the planning process, to confidently presenting campaign results to clients at the end of the semester.

This is Innovative PR’s fourth year in existence and it is truly making an impact on the UCM community. As of its launch in Spring 2010, Innovative PR team members have provided more than 7,000 hours of service to UCM departments and organizations.

The team’s work for clients is of professional caliber. The team that led public relations efforts for UCM’s fourth annual Show Me Justice Film Festival received the top honor in the Total PR Program category from  the Higher Education’s Marketing Report’s 28th Annual Educational Advertising Awards. This award was won in competition with professional advertising and marketing agencies. #teamUCM Night at the Blackout Game, UCM’s first-ever social media event, was another huge success and continues to leave a mark on UCM Athletics and the UCM community.

So here’s to UCM’s top public relations students and their hard work for Innovative PR and its clients. I look forward to seeing what the next couple of years holds for this student-led PR firm.


One response to “Innovative PR team is top-notch”

  1. Dr. Tricia Hansen-Horn Avatar
    Dr. Tricia Hansen-Horn

    Yes, IPR’s work is top-notch!

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